Be Independent With Personal Hygiene With The FreedomWand Bathroom Aid!

Top Reasons Why People Buy The FreedomWand®

• Spinal Pain

• Hip Replacement

• Obesity

• Arthritis

Freedom Friendly


Unique FreedomWand® Features

4 Tools In 1

The FreedomWand® holds all important toilet tissue, but can also hold a loofah, a shaver, and an ointment applicator pad. View Demo Video!


The FreedomWand Master Kit comes with 3 pieces to be used at 7'', 14'', and 21''. Purchase an extra extension extending the FreedomWand another 4'' with each one.


Unique from other personal hygiene aids, the FreedomWand® can be taken apart and comes with 100% cotton carry bag allowing you to live an active independent life!


What Our Customers Are Saying


Customer Couple

“I bought this for my husband who had surgery on his dominant wrist. He’s a big guy who is very inflexible so trying to wipe as a lefty was impossible. The FreedomWand® made it possible! It has been two weeks so far and he can’t imagine life without it. What a great product!"

-Angela H.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapist and Patient

 "It definitely looks like a versatile assistive device that will aid in achieving more self-care independence for those people we work with. Thanks for sharing with us, both the device and your story! "

-Diana H. 

OTA Program Director

Hospital Professionals

Hospital Professional and patient

"Thank you very much for this product. I have ordered a similar product from another company but it was not as versatile as yours. It came with a sponge attached to a head and the sponges were replaceable, the problem was the sponges quickly fell apart leaving a horrid mess and tons of pieces of blue sponge clogging up my tub drain. As a woman of ample size, this is perfect."

-Teri W.