Defeating Depression May 05 2009


There are a few things in life that we all take for granted until they are taken away.  When something terrible happens and our normal lives are disrupted it can be devastating.

Everyday tasks that we were able to complete absentmindedly are now a struggle, which can lead to embarrassment. 

One such task is the ability to take care of personal hygiene. Inability to take care of  personal hygiene can lead to embarrassment, frustration, a lack of self worth and ultimately depression. 

There are several ways we can deal with this new found lack independence .  One is by asking a loved one, home health aid, nurse, or friend to take care of our personal hygiene. 

This can be embarrassing and costly.  An alternative option is to look for products that can help, products such as a toilet aid.  These products can be a lifesaver, they allow us to continue to live our life independently, and allow our problem to be discrete.  This in turn can save much heartache, and keep us from falling into depression.