A Gift to End Embarrassment June 09 2009

When I broke my back almost three years ago and realized that there was not much on the market that could help me with my toileting needs it never dawned on me how many people suffer in silence with this “secret” problem.

Embarrassment about not being able to reach is a two edged sword.  Your first embarrassed because you can’t reach and really don’t want to “confess” that problem, then when you do/or are forced to get help the embarrassment becomes much greater! 

I know for me I would “hold it” as long as possible before needing to call for help.  Holding it can cause bladder infections and constipation which leads to more embarrassment. 

A perfect gift for anyone experiencing limited mobility is a personal hygiene device that can help them maintain their dignity and independence. Giving someone their independence is a priceless gift.  Recently a friend of a friend had a bad fall and broke both her wrists. 

She was mortified at the thought of having someone wipe her. My friend brought her a Freedom Wand toilet aid and even with both wrists in casts she was able to hold the light weight tool and be independent.  She was extremely grateful!