Trials and Tribulations June 24 2009

We all experience trials and tribulations in life. There are different ways to deal with these trials, we can pity ourselves, become depressed about how awful our situation is, or we can remind ourselves that there is always someone who has it worse, learn from them and push ourselves to become a better, stronger person.

As fire purifies diamonds, so trials and tribulations can purify us if we allow them to. In the end we may be thankful for the lesson learned from the trial. There is an old saying that goes if life hand you lemons make lemonade. 

Making lemonade out of the lemons is much better for you and everyone around you than allowing the lemon to affix a permanent pucker your face. At the time of my car accident in which I broke my back I was a stay at home mom and supported my husband’s plumbing business by doing his bookwork. 

We had our challenges as many of you do, but this new challenge pushed me more than I had ever been pushed before.

I was in a back brace and I was not able reach to perform many various functions and had to have my husband help me with embarasing tasks.

I tried to find a personal hygiene device.  I couldn't find anything that worked well, so I decided to develop my own. 

The vision I feel God gave me for developing the Freedom Wand came directly because I had the need.  My passion had always been to help physically challenged individuals find more freedom but that passion had become buried in the everyday activities of life.

Breaking my back helped me to slow my life down, reassess my passion and follow the dream that God gave me. 

I challenge you all to do the same.  Find the passion that is within you and pursue it with all you have!