Hard Time Shaving Legs July 20 2009


My friend had been shaving her legs on a week to week basis for more than twenty years, but in the last month, she was in a car crash that left her disabled.

 While her legs are healing and she is finding that she can walk a bit further all the time, she still has trouble shaving her legs after showering.

  With spring here and summer coming, she wants to wear shorts more often, but there’s no way she would be caught outside wearing shorts with unshaved legs.

She found the solution in a shaving aid that I purchased for her online.  The shaving aid she uses, called the Freedom Wand, provides a firm grasp for a standard razor, and allows her to reach down to the ankle and shave all the way up. 

When summer comes, she can wear shorts, and I do believe that as long as she continues therapy, she will be able to walking around outdoors too. I’d recommend a shaving aid to all women who are disabled and are having trouble reaching their legs.

I imagine she will remain inflexible in her legs for some time to come, and she plans to use this shaving aid for some time even if she doesn’t have to, it’s just so convenient!