Self Reliance for Disabled Individuals July 20 2009

toilet aid

When disabled from an injury, it can be embarrassing and hurtful to need to ask for help from others all the time. 

When it comes to performing standard hygiene tasks in the bathroom, being disabled can make us feel powerless. 

The solution is a personal hygiene aid like the Freedom Wand.  The Freedom Wand is an amazing product that can assist with numerous hygiene tasks we perform on a daily basis. 

This product can serve as a rear end wiper, showering and bathing aid, shaving aid, and ointment applicator. 

The FreedomWand performs all the activities that disabled individuals can have a hard time doing by themselves in the bathroom, and gives back the freedom lost from being disabled. 

The FreedomWand is intended for use by all individuals, and has a simple design that works for all people who have use of their hands.

Find the FreedomWand and other personal hygiene aids online.  For a person who was recently disabled, or a person who has suffered from a disability for some time, the Freedom Wand can make life easier.

Find freedom in the bathroom with the Freedom Wand; the solution for all bathroom needs!