Fear of asking for help August 18 2009

Ever been there?  so full of fear that we just don't ask, just don't let others know we have a problem? Just don't reach out and find a solution. 

What is at the base of all that fear? is it humiliation, pride, rejection?

You will surely wear yourself out if you cannot learn to put the fear to rest and reach out for help. 

I've learned from experience, and am still learning, that it is wise to set proper limits and margins for yourself.  It is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Asking for help is a good thing to do.  We all have certain people in our lives to help us. If we do not ask we become frustrated and lonely, feelings of depression can overcome you.

When you don't open up and be truthful it is also hard on those around you. They may be fearful as well and don't want to hurt your feelings. It is not wrong to ask for help but it is wrong to need the help and be too proud to ask for it.

There are many daily living aids on the market that can lend you an extra hand making some of your more bathing and toileting tasks a bit easier on you.

Ask for the help to locate them and put your fear to rest.  We are all human, made the same way, smile and laugh about it, bring the humor into your situation and ask for the help.