Maintaining Independence August 18 2009

My 85-year-old grandmother is one of the most active elderly people you’ll ever meet. She swims twice a week at the community pool and helps foster prize-winning blooms in her garden. Her continued independence is inspiring, but she still needs an occasional helping hand. Such was the case when she recently suffered an asparagus allergy. The offending vegetable was hidden in a potluck dish without her knowing it, and it caused her body to break out in hives. Her doctor prescribed a topical ointment to be applied twice a day for several weeks. My grandmother lives alone, and she didn’t want to put anyone out by asking them to drive over and put cream on her back. I sprung into action, searching for a tool to provide adequate reach extension. I discovered that the Freedom Wand latches securely to an ointment applicator, making the process quick and painless.