Keeping One’s Dignity August 18 2009


The aging process has a way of sneaking up on even the most active elderly people.

At some point, the role of parent and child reverses itself; all of a sudden, it’s up to the son or daughter to determine where the parent will spend his or her last days.

In some cases, this means turning over the responsibility to an assisted-living center.

But some children choose to bear the burden themselves; they think it’s the least they can do.

For many elderly people, maintaining dignity is just as important as surviving at all. No one wants to be subjected to embarrassing situations, especially where bodily functions are involved.

Some older men and women develop incontinence issues as they age, which makes every trip to the bathroom a risky endeavor. A commode chair strategically placed at bedside is often the best alternative, as it can be moved and cleaned easily.