The Only Product That Worked: A Toilet Aid That Doesn't Disappoint February 01 2010

"Your product is the one and only product that has worked for me. I am a 46 year old disabled woman who is suffering from diabetic kidney disease.

I have had four hand surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome and have limited hand use. The FreedomWand  provides the right angle for both hands, is easy to use and can be taken with you when traveling.

The unique style, shape and fingers add a great compliment to this product as it allows you to have freedom without stretching, grasping and/or hurting ones hands and fingers. I have tried many other toilet aids and have experienced much disappointment.

I love the freedom wand and feel this is a great item for those who are experience limitations from disabilities. I would highly recommend this wand to anyone who is need of assistance.

This product is wonderful and having had so many problems with other products, I commend the inventors of this Godly device." -Yvonne George, user of the Freedom Wand self wipe and toilet aid