FreedomWand - Nominated to Receive the 2013 Da Vinci Award! March 07 2013

UPDATE----UPDATE-------UPDATE----- FreedomWand Is Now a 2013 FINALIST to Receive the 2013 Da Vinci Award!  Help FreedomWand win the award by clicking "Like" underneath our Youtube Video Click Link Here:    FreedomWand 2013 Da Vinci Award Finalist 


What is the Da Vinci Award?  The annual International da Vinci Awards® recognizes the most innovative adaptive and assistive technologies that enable equal access and opportunity for all people, regardless of ability. These innovations play an important role in helping people overcome physical limitations. The Da Vinci Awards Intro Video 2013-da-Vinci-Awards-Nominee               daVinci 2013 logo - Finalist Proceeds from the da Vinci Awards® benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Michigan Chapter and support our mission to create a world free of MS. Michigan has one of the highest incident rates of MS with more than 18,000 people in the state living with MS. Learn more about MS and the Da Vinci awards at