Inspirational Poem About The FreedomWand! May 12 2015

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 Here at Freedom Creators, our goal is to help as many        people as possible regain their independence and dignity.  Read this inspirational poem written by a customer    expressing how much the FreedomWand helped her.

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The Wand 
By Yvonne George
I am a woman with rippled hands
I can't do very much
I cry from pain and am so ashamed
I can not feel my touch

Then finally I was on the net
And saw the FreedomWand
I took a chance and then bet
that someone would respond

I found a friend in the creator
She helped me understand
That someone cared enough to make
a wand that is like a hand

She suffered much in her own life
And made this tool of thought
Amid the pain and endless strife
it was something that I bought

Now I see my life has changed
I finally can be free
The wand I got just rearranged
My hopeless endless plea

Now I know that I can do
So much unlike before
My life has never been the same
Since, the wand came to my door

And I know now within my heart
That I've been blessed to have met
This woman with her wand of art
No greater friend I have found yet


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