Share Your Story Using the FreedomWand! October 14 2013


I use the FreedomWand® to clean after going to the toilet and after sanitizing it use it to reach and help clean hard to reach areas during bathing. 
I used the first model and wore it out, was gifted the newer model The FreedomWand® helps me maintain privacy and dignity in not having to ask a caregiver and loved one to help me clean myself.

As I am also a diabetic I find that the soft materials in the griping fingers do not cause wounds to the sensitive skin on my feet or legs. 

Thank you for developing this great device. ~Al  


As per our previous conversation, before using your product I was hurting my back severely every-time I had wipe my bottom after toileting.

I am very obese and I live alone and each time I would have to twist my back so bad to reach to clean myself that I would get very sharp knife like pain in the middle of my lower back.

The pain would stay with me and I would re-aggravate it when I had to climb in my car. This was happening and I still was not getting myself clean.

I would literally be afraid to "poop" because of the pain I knew was coming from untwisting my corkscrew back each time. I finally found a device to help me clean myself but it was not near long enough and did not have enough of a curve to really reach well so it was not that helpful.

So I looked again online and found the FreedomWand and since then I've been able to clean myself without any pain at all. I was praying for God to help me find a solution and I am so thankful for your product because it really solved a huge problem that I was having everyday in the restroom.

Now if my back hurts its only due to my excess weight and it's nothing like the awful pain I would get from twisting. And yes this is an actual true testimony. Thank you for your product. ~Steve


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