What is Your GAP? October 30 2013


The GAP....we will be talking a bit in the coming blogs about all the different types of GAPS we have in our lives.

In the past we have referenced The Dash by Linda Ellis and how we live and what we do with our lives between our births and our deaths....The Dash

The GAPS that I will be referring to will be those times we experience inside of our Dashes...the times when we are found wanting, waiting, grieving, changing, expecting, hoping...What can we do to shorten those GAPS...who is there for us to help us while going through them and how can we help ourselves "get through" those GAPS with strength, dignity and come out winners!

We are just coming out of Disability Awareness Month where some of our highlights were on........the voting....

One of them will be closing a very large GAP that they have felt in their lives by winning the contest.  The Christopher Reeves Foundation helps those with disabilities close their GAPS everyday by offering new ways of doing things, new tools in which to do them and the support to try and work through something new to help reduce the effect or close a GAP altogether!

If you, would like to tell your story of how you are closing a GAP or if you have someone in your life that you would like to honor that has helped you to close a GAP, please share it with us. Stayed tuned.