Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2014 March 03 2014

Freedom Creators had a good time supporting the Ms. Wheelchair Michigan pageant this past Saturday afternoon. 

The stories from the former Ms. Wheelchair Michigan, Linh Huynh, of how this past year affected her and helped her to grow and understand that her dreams of being a mother could still come true were very inspirational.

She followed that up with "
lemonade is not enough!"Her Motto to live by is "When life gives you lemons...MAKE cupcakes!"

Congratulations go out to Ms. Wheelchair Michigan, Mrs. Kelsey Kleimola, who was crowned this past Saturday! Kelsey was born with cerebral palsy, but she never let that define her.  Kelsey is married with two children and she is an encouragement to everyone around her!

Programs that help encourage and help make those dreams come true are very needed and well worth our support!

No matter who we are, how old we may be, what type of disability we may or may not have we all need to be encouraged to live life to the fullest.  To make goals and dreams big dreams and to take one step at a time towards those dreams!