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FreedomWand® Helping People With Personal Hygiene Limitations

Mission/Vision statement:

To help bring freedom by providing increased dignity and independence to those with reach limitations.
Our vision is to help as many people as possible regain their independence and dignity whether it be physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. Our commitment is to have exceptional customer service to those we serve and help in any way we can. Our goal is to have the best personal hygiene toileting aid on the market.

My Story: Why I Invented The FreedomWand® Toilet Tissue Aid:  

June 9, 2006 is a day I will never forget.  I broke my back in a car accident and the course of my life changed entirely. 

Leaving the hospital a week later, I experienced humiliation and frustration as others assisted in keeping me clean.

I was restricted to the house for weeks due to unpredictable bathroom visits and no adequate personal hygiene aid.

My occupational therapists had little to offer that was convenient, sanitary and portable; therefore, in hopes of regaining independence and personal dignity, I began creating my own tool. The FreedomWand® is the result of this struggle.


The next time an occupational therapist is asked, "How do I reach...?" they will have a much better answer! Not only did that car accident motivate my cognitive creativity, but other areas of my life began to change as well.  It is during times of struggle, stillness and humility that God uses these things to teach people the most. 

This is my story. Though I ached for independence and freedom from the captivity of my house, God used my injury to teach me just how much I need Him.  As humans we constantly try to manage life on our own. The FreedomWand® got its name, not only from the practical freedom of personal hygiene, but also because of my spiritual journey with God.

He is all the strength that we need.  I now experience the freedom of unconditional peace, joy, love and trust that can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
It is my dream that the future of Freedom Creators Inc. will provide employment for those needing hope and restoration. 

Someday, if it's God's will, Freedom Creators Inc. will teach job skills, provide on-site-day care, and make personal counseling available with the possibility of low-cost housing accommodations.
It is my dream that through this business God will make Himself known to those in the depths of the struggle of life, giving them practical skills and life-long relationships.

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