Keep Your Independence With Personal Hygiene With The FreedomWand Toilet Aid!

Summer Special Freedom Wand Toilet Aid

Hope your summer is full of laughter, love, and good cheer!

The FreedomWand helps you or your loved ones that need help with keeping their independence with toileting, bathing, shaving, and ointment application. The FreedomWand is the only toilet aid that is multi-purpose, multi-length, and portable.

The FreedomWand Toilet Aid Can Help With: 



Purchase a FreedomWand in June and receive a FREE Extra Extension that adds an additional 4''.


Protect Your Dignity And Independence With The FreedomWand Toilet Aid!

The FreedomWand comes in 3 pieces and can be use at  7'', 14'', and 21''. It has extendable finger-like grippers that holds toilet tissue, flushable wet wipes, razor, loofah (with knot tied in cord), and ointment sponge. For example, to load the toilet tissue into the FreedomWand first you fold the toilet tissue and create the point about the size of your pinky, then you load the toilet tissue into the FreedomWand making sure that the grippers are all the way in, and finally use and discard with the easy-to load and release slide bar.


#1 Create Point

#2 Load the FreedomWand




#3 Discard Toilet Tissue




Highly Recommend For Help With Personal Hygiene

“Glad I thought to purchase this before my hand surgery! I was worried about certain things I'd have a hard time with after surgery on my dominant hand. So glad I purchased this for personal hygiene assistance. It made a difficult time so much easier to deal with.”


Ease of Use

I got this for my mother. She is heavy and was beginning to have pain in extending her arms. She is very happy with the Wand. She says she has no problem with using it and it works great and now her arms are not painful from struggling. I would definitely recommend for any who are hindered with the full use of their extremities."



The FreedomWand Kit Includes:

• FreedomWand Head

• FreedomWand Handle

• FreedomWand Extension

• FreedomWand Cloth Carry Bag

• FreedomWand Instruction DVD



The FreedomWand® The Next Best Care Practice!

Scheduling rotator cuff surgery, spinal surgery, or hip surgery soon? Don't have someone else wipe your bum. 

The FreedomWand is one of the many useful independent living aids that will help you keep your dignity and independence with toileting and grooming. The unique design of the FreedomWand toilet aid can help you follow your doctor's care instructions of not bending or twisting more than 90 degrees; helping you reduce your hospital stay, recover faster, and stay actively independent. 





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