Videos On How To Load The FreedomWand

What makes the FreedomWand unique from other toileting aids is its ability to do different tasks, at different lengths, depending on a person's need. Below you will find videos on different ways to load the FreedomWand. More videos will be added such as how to load wet wipes so make sure that you sign-up for our email list to get the latest updates!

How to Load a Wash Cloth into the FreedomWand 

The FreedomWand not only holds toilet tissue, but it can also hold a wash cloth. Watch video below and see the best way to load a wash cloth into the FreedomWand toilet aid.




How to Load Toilet Tissue Into The FreedomWand Toilet Aid


Loading Toilet Tissue:
Fan Method

This method is where a person would take about 8-10 sheets of toilet tissue(depends on the thickness) and bunches up the toilet tissue on one LONG side creating a point to put into the FreedomWand.

Loading Toilet Tissue:
Wrap Method

A customer emailed that he likes to load the FreedomWand by taking 8-10 pieces of toilet tissue and wrap it around his 4 fingers creating a "tube". He then takes the "tube" off his hands and pinches one end together and loads that pinched end into the grippers. With with other open end he folds that back over the end of the wand. It does take a little longer to load and get the toilet tissue off the FreedomWand but that's how he likes to use it.

Loading Toilet Tissue:
Square Method

This method is where a person would take about 8-10 pieces of toilet tissue(depends on the thickness) and fold them one on top of each, then grab the middle, and bring it to a point about the size of a pinkey. This method is also featured on the demonstration video.




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