Let The FreedomWand® Help You In Your Recovery!

FreedomWand® Kit Includes:

  • FreedomWand® Head
  • FreedomWand® Extension
  • FreedomWand® Handle
  • FreedomWand® Carry Bag
  • Instructional Sheet & DVD

*Tools Not Include: Shaver, Loofah, Ointment Pad

Top Reasons Why People Buy The FreedomWand®

    • Helps reduce back pain by not over reaching, bending, or twisting. 
    • Take care of yourself and heal faster from:
          • Hip Pain
          • Spinal/Back Injuries
          • Arthritis
          • Carpal Tunnel and Shoulder Injuries
          • Stroke
    • Reduce your stress by taking care of your own personal hygiene.

FreedomWand® Accessories (Sold Separately)

FreedomWand® Extra Extension

  • Adds an additional 4'' of length to the FreedomWand®
  • Extend the FreedomWand up to 30''
  • Reasons to purchase: short arms/long torso, obesity, and body type

FreedomWand® Strap

  • Helpful for a person with limited hand strength or limited gripping abilities
  • Helpful preventing a person from dropping the FreedomWand® and having the need to bend over and retrieve it.
  • Strap can be adjusted in three different sizes depending on a person's needs small, medium, and large!

What Our Customers Are Saying

 “I just want to Thank you for the Freedom Wand! I recently  had Rotor cup surgery and personal hygiene has been a  real problem for me. This is a miracle, I don’t know who  designed it but thank you, thank you, thank you! You really  made my life so much easier and better!” -Myna


 “I found your product looking for a product called "self wipe". For my purposes, your product fits my needs for personal hygiene. I had purchased two other items whose intended use was for personal hygiene. Both products' handles were not long enough. The use of a vacuum crevice tool serves as a poor substitute for an extension. Neither of them offers an extension like yours. Thank You” -Stephen K

 “The Freedom Wand is a Godsend--I don't know what I would do without mine. It's a brilliant idea, a great price, and a true help for a lot of people. Your customer service is terrific, too. Thanks SO much.Warmest regards" -Randy R.



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