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50 Gold Stars!!!!
It does what it says it does!

  • I thought it was only me who was frustrated with toileting aids!

  • I really love how tightly it holds the toilet paper!!!

  • It does my front and my back side.  Then just slide the button and the paper falls in the toilet-meaning no touching the paper!  Much better than the outdated tongs!!!

  • It cleans up fast and easy! The grippers are not as hard as I thought they would be!

  • I also love that it breaks apart and has a travel bag!

These have been problems I didn’t like any of my solutions for - and now - Solved!

Thank you for designing such a multipurpose tool! It is so sturdy but yet breaks apart for traveling!!! And I can’t wait to shave my legs with it!!!!

Thank you for giving my back a part of dignity, self-reliance and confidence back!!!

So happy I ordered this!

Prior to rotator cuff surgery on my dominant arm, I tried to use my left arm for business to no avail. After surgery I adjusted to the freedom wand and have no problems. Helpful with the toilet and useful in the shower. I highly recommend it, and I don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks!

I have used the FreedomWand for years... autoimmune diseases and arthritis, as well as being obese, all makes it difficult to take care of my hygiene. This makes it easy and using baby wipes makes it a good experience. The learning curve is short and the ability to use it to put creams on other body parts helps my everyday freedom. I keep my caregivers busy enough and I appreciate my ability to take care of this on my own. Customer service was quick and responsive. Thank you for inventing this.

This sure beats a bent stick! -It's well designed and with only a short learning curve is easy to use. It has been a lifesaver for me! My back has become so inflexible with arthritis I needed longer arms to reach places. It also travels well in its little tote bag, having gone with me to the Grand Canyon and other attractions in the Southwest for a week. No, I wasn't arrested for carrying a weapon onto the airplane, and no one even remarked about it. I just bought a second one for the other downstairs bathroom and "just in case" the first one broke or went missing; you see, I have to have one available! It's quite an attraction hanging on the wall beside the toilet paper and could be easily 'swiped'. You will need to add a ring to the end of it to have it hang properly, the molded 'hanging ring' in the end is turned the wrong way, the mfg. needs to modify this part. Otherwise, it's well thought out and fairly well made. I would prefer it be made just a little bit sturdier, but it's held up just fine so far. If you are afflicted with obesity, a bad back, or just have short arms, you really should have this device. As a designer, I believe it's the best-concieved device of this type available today for sanitary use. If you need one, this is the one I recommend.

I’m not one who usually writes reviews, but I definitely feel like this product deserves one. I’ve had this product for one week and it has been a life changer for me. I agree with everyone who says that you need to watch the YouTube videos on how to properly insert the TP. This is a great product for anyone who has a hard time reaching or is physically disabled like myself. I will definitely be buying another one so I can leave one at home and keep another in my purse.

I think this product is going to help a lot with my bathroom anxieties!

I have had this item for months now and it has proved to be a life saver many times. I have had back problems for over 20 years now and each year my range of motion gets more and more limited and my pain level higher, so using the restroom can be very uncomfortable at times. This has literally given me peace of mind, knowing that it is in my purse at all times and if I do need it, it's there! It literally gives me more freedom to go out and not worry about my hygiene while I'm away from home! I would recommend it for anyone who has pain or limited range of motion. Comes with a storage bag that is handy and doesn't take up too much space.

Due to my numerous back surgeries and installed rods I can't bend too far. It was a challenge at first to do certain tasks. After using for a day or two it does the job it is tasked to do, easily. Made well and better than others I have tried and thrown away. Easy to clean and has multiple uses in the bathroom.

Thanks for contacting me! I am truly grateful for the Freedom Wand and your kindness as well. It was exactly what I needed! I applaud your product. I'll bet your business is least I hope so!

Toilet Aid

Toilet Aid

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