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Do You Struggle To Clean Or Wash Yourself Without Asking For Help Due To Limitations In Your Range Of Motion?

Watch the video below to see how THOUSANDS of others JUST LIKE YOU have solved  this problem to regain their dignity and independence in the bathroom.


The Freedomwand is portable, discreet and travel friendly. 

Pack your backpack, fannypack or mobility basket-because wherever you go we go!

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The Freedom Wand is a specialized toilet aid designed to assist individuals with limited mobility or range of motion in maintaining personal hygiene. It is a versatile tool that helps with various tasks related to toileting, such as wiping, cleaning, and applying creams or ointments.

The Freedom Wand consists of three modular pieces: a handle, an extension, and an interchangeable head. The handle serves as a comfortable grip, allowing the user to maneuver the tool easily. The extension piece helps to extend the reach of the Freedom Wand, making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.

The interchangeable head is a key component of the Freedom Wand. It is designed to securely hold toilet tissue, wet wipes, or other hygiene products. The head has a unique gripping mechanism that firmly holds the desired material, eliminating the need for manual grasping or reaching.

With the Freedom Wand, individuals with limited mobility or flexibility can independently perform tasks that were previously challenging. It promotes self-sufficiency and allows users to maintain their dignity and privacy when it comes to personal hygiene. The Freedom Wand is suitable for people with disabilities, seniors, individuals recovering from surgery or injuries, and anyone who may have difficulty reaching or manipulating during toileting.

The design of the Freedom Wand prioritizes hygiene and ease of use. It is made from high-quality, medical-grade materials that are durable and easy to clean. The removable head can be washed and sanitized, ensuring a sanitary experience for the user.

Overall, the Freedom Wand toilet aid is an innovative and practical solution that aims to improve the independence and quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges. By providing assistance with toileting tasks, it allows users to regain control over their personal hygiene routine and maintain their overall well-being.

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Freedom Wand® is the only bottom wiping and bath aid that is portable, multi-length and grips multiple tools.

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Perhaps you experience physical concerns such as:

• Spinal/Back Injuries

• Arthritis

• Carpal Tunnel

• Stroke

• Hip and/or Knee Pain

• Obesity

• Paralegia

• Shoulder Pain, etc

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Freedom Wand FAQ

  • What is the FreedomWand®?
    The FreedomWand® is more than just a toilet self-wipe aid, it is a personal hygiene aid. The FreedomWand® helps people who have difficulty reaching to take care of their toileting, bathing, shaving, and ointment application needs. The FreedomWand® is the next best care practice because it helps people reduce their stress, improve their hygiene, and helps them keep their active independent lifestyle. The FreedomWand® is the only toilet aid on the market that is portable, multi-length and grips multiple tools. If you or a loved one are suffering from a limited range of motion, difficulty reaching, spinal/back injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke or obesity, a FreedomWand® can help them regain independence. If you are interested in purchasing a FreedomWand® for yourself or a loved one, browse our online store today.
  • How does the FreedomWand® work?
    The FreedomWand® toilet aid is made up of three pieces, the handle, the extension, and the head. The head has a slight curve which allows for the proper reach. The handle includes a slide button that controls the action of four grippers that can grasp toilet paper, a razor, loofah, or ointment applicator. The grippers of the FreedomWand® retreat into the handle to secure the item in place. The slide button releases paper into the toilet. The durable FreedomWand® is made from a polypropylene material and is designed with a rinse hole in the head to aid in easy cleaning. This simple personal hygiene device can help restore independence and dignity to those suffering from medical issues such as spinal injuries, carpal tunnel, stroke or any other issues that can affect range of motion. If you are interested in purchasing a FreedomWand® for yourself or a loved one browse our online store today.
  • What is the difference between the Compact Kit, Master Kit and Ultimate Kit?"
    The FreedomWand® Compact Kit doesn’t include an extension, it reaches to 14.5”. The FreedomWand® Master Kit contains one extension and reaches to 20”. The FreedomWand® Ultimate Kit contains two extensions and a strap and reaches to 25.5”. Each kit contains the FreedomWand® Head, FreedomWand® Handle, FreedomWand®, Carry Bag, and an Instructional Sheet. If you are interested in purchasing a FreedomWand® for yourself or a loved one browse our online store today.
  • What makes the FreedomWand® different from other devices?
    What sets the FreedomWand® apart from the rest is that the FreedomWand® is so much more than a toilet aid. The FreedomWand® has a special head that can grip more than just toilet paper. The FreedomWand® is a personal hygiene device that will also hold a loofah, a shaver, wet wipes, and ointment pad. You can even purchase more than one FreedomWand® head so that you can have one just for toileting and one for other hygiene needs. If you are interested in purchasing a FreedomWand® for yourself or a loved one browse our online store today.
  • How do I use my FreedomWand®?
    1. Fold your toilet tissue into a rectangle, the number of squares will depend on the thickness of your tissue, usually between 4 and 7 sheets 2. Pinch the center of your folded tissue to make a point about the size of your pinky finger 3. Insert the pinched point of the tissue DEEP into the open grippers. Use the slide to pull them all the way back into the FreedomWand® for a firm hold. 4. Use a disposable type shaver with a small square handle such as a Bic® Disposable. Insert it deep into the open grippers and pull all the way back in aligning it with the curve of the FreedomWand® 5. Use a makeup applicator or a sponge in a triangle shape for applying lotion or medicated cream to those hard to reach places such as your toes, back, hemorrhoids, etc. 6. You can use your FreedomWand® at either 14.5”, 20”, 25.5 or add extensions as needed. If you need more help loading your FreedomWand® check out our step by step how-to videos on our website or our Youtube channel.
  • How to secure a loofah to your FreedomWand®?
    1. Tie a knot in your loofah rope very close to the nylon netting. Depending on the thickness of your rope, you may need to tie 2 or 3 knots on top of each other making one large knot to be about the thickness of your pinky finger (this can be tricky to do) 2. Grab the knot either from the top or grab it from the side putting the knot deep into the base of the grippers 3. The Loofah is properly loaded when the knot is the right size, is put deep into the grippers and pulled all the way back into the FreedomWand® 4. You can use your FreedomWand® at either 14.5”,20”, 25.5” or longer if you have ordered extra extensions If you need more help loading your FreedomWand® check out our step by step how-to videos on our website or our YouTube channel.
  • What are the benefits of using a toilet aid in the hospital?
    The benefits to both the hospitals and their patients who receive a personal hygiene tool while the patient is in the hospital are: Patient's ability to remain independent Improved emotional well-being of the patient Potential for shortened rehabilitation time for the patient Reduced stress for caregiver and receiver Improved patient and staff relationship Improved patient outcome Reduction of infections Reduce re-admittance due to urological infections Taking care of one’s personal hygiene without overextending can help reduce the risks of complications after surgery. Effective toileting abilities will limit the risk of getting an UTI infection and being readmitted into the hospital. A study was conducted by Medicare, Workmen’s Compensation, and National Inpatient Sample (NIS) concerning the complications that could arise after spine surgery. The results found were that 9.18% of the 1,591 patients contracted a urological issue and out of that 9.18%, 5.5% were UTI issues. [1] Understanding hygiene care after spinal or hip surgery is important in reducing infections and the overall patient's emotional well-being. Toilet aids or other hygiene aids offered in hospitals would benefit both the hospital and the patient. [1]

Toilet Aid Freedom Wand

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