Let The FreedomWand® Be Your #1 Personal Hygiene & Toilet Tissue Aid!

Freedom Friendly
Top Reasons Why People Buy The FreedomWand®

• Spinal Pain

• Hip Replacement

• Obesity

• Arthritis


What Our Customers Are Saying...


Our Customers

Customer Couple

“I bought this for my husband who had surgery on his dominant wrist. He’s a big guy who is very inflexible so trying to wipe as a lefty was impossible. The FreedomWand® made it possible! It has been two weeks so far and he can’t imagine life without it. What a great product!"

~Angela H.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapist and Patient

 "It definitely looks like a versatile assistive device that will aid in achieving more self-care independence for those people we work with. Thanks for sharing with us, both the device and your story!"

~Diana H. OTA Program Director

Hospital Professionals

Hospital Professionals

 "Thank you very much for this product. I have ordered a similar product from another company but it was not as versatile as yours. It came with a sponge attached to a head and the sponges were replaceable, the problem was the sponges quickly fell apart leaving a horrid mess and tons of pieces of blue sponge clogging up my tub drain. As a woman of ample size, this is perfect."              ~Teri W